Guest Testimonials

"The Runaway Experience orchestrated every part of the trip so beautifully both prior to the trip and during. Every detail was considered with plan B's ready to roll in case. All that was left to do was immerse myself in the experience."
Runaway Bali
"It was the best vacation in my 31 years of life. It was stress free, fun, relaxing, and adventurous. I look forward to traveling with The Runaway again in the near future. Thank you for putting your time, effort, and heart into making my vacation/birthday unforgettable and special."
Runaway Bali
"I will run away anywhere with Jeff and Kalisa because they create delightful experiences around the globe with a high level of care and intentionality. It felt as if I were being hosted by close friends. The Runaway Bali was just the right combination of relaxation, exploration and connection."
Runaway Cuba + Runaway Bali
"It was nothing short of a transformative experience. We experienced so many aspects of Bali that we never would have if we went our own and most importantly had endless conversations and laughs with strangers who quickly became lasting friends. Kalisa and Jeff were the perfect hosts and we can't wait to travel with them again."
Amber & Isaiah
Runaway Bali
"Kalisa and Jeff were knowledgeable, helpful, and fun. They made me feel like I was traveling with family. They provided a ton of information beforehand, and even hopped on a call with each guest to answer all of our questions. The trip was well-organized and well-executed, right down to the last detail."
Runaway Bali
"The Runaway Experience has been the best way for me as a single woman to travel outside of the country. It's truly a balance of indulgence and immersion in the local culture, all while economically supporting the local community. I love the small diverse intimate groups; they have been some of the most phenomenal travel companions and have created new lifetime friendships."
Runaway Cuba + Runaway Bali
"It was amazing to be on the trip with a group of women who were on the same vibe and supported each other's journey. Jeff and Kalisa curated a one-of-a-kind experience. I almost forgot I had paid for their services as they felt like newfound friends. I'm glad this was my first adult solo trip and I look forward to future trips with The Runaway Experience."
Runaway Bali
"I've done a lot of traveling but this was incredible. From the very beginning I felt I was in great hands. With all the hard work taken care of, I could just sit back and enjoy every precious moment of this amazing week of culture, adventure, relaxation, motivational workouts, delicious food and "family" meals which have developed life long friendships."
Runaway Bali
"I have learned so much about myself and the world around me. I've also befriended some of the most creative people I've ever met. Kalisa and Jeff's commitment to sustainability and working with locally owned business is apparent in every trip they curate. It honestly feels like I'm traveling with good friends that I look forward to catching up with every time I go on these trips. ."
Runaway Jamaica + Runaway Bali