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Do you have friends who love to travel as much as you do? Well, why not be rewarded for it?

We'd like to hook you up with a $150 travel credit for every friend of yours who becomes a Runaway traveler. Not only will you be putting your friends in caring and knowledgeable hands, but they'll also get $100 off their first trip with us.

Refer enough, and your next Runaway could even be FREE!

How it workS

  1. Sign up below to receive your unique promo code
  2. Share your promo code with friends, family or even post it on social media
  3. You'll get notified each time a friend books a trip using your promo code
  4. With each booking, you earn a $150 travel credit toward your next Runaway
  5. Your referrals receive $100 off their first Runaway
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